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Junk Tower

Junk Tower is a 2D multiplayer game where players exploit a deck of cards to build the tallest tower. 路 By POLIMI Game Collective


Recent updates

Junk Tower beta hotfix
Hello once again polluters! We are writing this post to let you know that a new version of Junk Tower Beta is available. This small update fixes the annoying pr...
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Junk Tower Beta is out!
Hello, polluters! Junk Tower developers here. Junk Tower BETA has just been released! 馃コ A quick message before you begin to play the new version of this stin...
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Junk Tower hotfix
Hello polluters! First of all, thank you all for your feedback, we are glad that many of you are enjoing the game. We just released a new version of Junk Tower...
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Junk Tower prototype is out!
Junk Tower is protot -out! We are glad to announce you the release of Junk Tower! This first release is the prototype: you can play multiplayer matches online w...
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