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  1. [videogames] to glitch through a solid environment with collisions disabled. (e.g. "to noclip through a wall")

NOCLIP is an experimental first-person game in which you break its boundaries to discover a secret reality.

You've found yourself on a mysterious planet. You're able to feel it: your surroundings do not feel quite right. You are not real. Yet, discovering that you belong to a digital world gave you the power to transcend reality and see what lies beyond the simulation, letting you spot invisible and intangible objects hidden around the map.

You'll have to solve platforming puzzles by noclipping through the map, memorizing the path to your goal. However, your real body isn't as free: you'll need to be quick and accurate with your movements! During platforming you'll only have a limited time, which can be recharged through various checkpoints.

Will you be ready?

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NOCLIP_release_LINUX.zip 85 MB
NOCLIP_release_MAC 94 MB
NOCLIP_release_WIN 84 MB

Install instructions

If the game runs slow on your computer (specially while screen recording), please decrease the graphic quality in menu > video settings.

Since the game couldn't be properly tested on MacOS, we suggest playing the Windows version for an optimal experience.


  1. download and unzip the files;
  2. run the .exe and enjoy the game!


  1. download and unzip the files;
  2. place the .app inside the Applications folder;
  3. double check your admin priviledges and you should be able to play!

[ If this process gives you problems, go to the terminal and write "sudo chmod -R 777". Leave a space after the last "7" and then drag and drop the application inside the terminal. Press enter and write your password. After that maybe you'll have to go to the settings, on privacy and security, and allow the run of the application. ]

Development log


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Why there is no Mac version that was available before?

(1 edit)

We detected a game breaking bug after releasing the mac version. 

As a result, the Mac version has been delayed. 

Then, after a thorough investigation, we opted for its upload even though the Windows version ran significatively better. 

We're sorry for the inconvenient.

Nice game, not so relaxing for me, actually I almost raged quit haha

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 

Difficulty needs tweaking, and by having feedbacks and playtesters we'll get where we want it to be. 

We've introduced the skippable puzzle button for debug to let players enjoy the whole demo, since someone could get stuck or stressed out. :)

Simple, Fun, Relaxing.

Thanks for sharing.

Just rediscovered this game after, apparently, 7 months and am glad I did. Don't know why I said simple before because while the concept is straightforward, the gameplay is challenging and the puzzles mind melting. Very fun, play time ranged from 1.5 to 3 hours.