NOCLIP | Beta Release

Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, NOCLIP’s beta is out, so we figured this would be the perfect moment to share some more details.

The beta brings massive improvements to the game, with a new levle, new puzzles, a total UI overhaul, accessibility features and a score mechanic.

We have listened to players’ feedback throughout the alpha presentations, and the overall experience has been revamped to make it more enjoyable. 

More audio and visual cues along with a tutorial have been added in order to make mechanics clearer and more immediate.

Here’s a brief rundown of what’s been added and/or improved:

    • New world;
    • Revamped level design;
    • New tutorial level;
    • Player movement improved;
    • Added coyote time to the jumps;
    • Added a jump buffering;
    • Added a score mechanic. Have fun!
    • Improved visuals;
    • Improved performance;
    • FOV (field of view) adjustable in order to overcome motion sickness;
    • Difficulty (changes the time needed to complete puzzles);
    • Better controls;
  • UI
    • Better menus;
    • New UI animations;

  • MISC
    • Polishing and improvements to the overall experience;
    • Bug fixes.

    Thank you again for your precious feedback.

    Have fun!

    – Team NOCLIP


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