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The Last Will: Eidolon is a story-driven first person puzzle-adventure game, where you take control of the Eidolon (an entity similar to a ghost) of Valerie, a victim of stalking, died in mysterious circumstances. Given the possibility to stay close with your loved ones, will you help them forget your incident and overcome the grief or will you try to seek revenge?

As a ghost, Valerie sees the world in a completely different manner. But she is able to see how the grief is transforming her loved ones nonetheless. They are clearly going through all of the Kubler-Ross stages of grief. She wants to help them, but the opportunity to do it comes with a series of limitations. As a some kind of ghost, she can't:

  • be seen,
  • be heard;
  • move heavy objects;
  • have keen precision to leave notes or symbols.

However, she finds out some strange things too:

  • mirrors and reflective surfaces are able to show something when she's in front of them - but it's something that freaks people out!;
  • touching people will make them feel cold;
  • she is able to grab and carry small objects, but beware: no one would stay put in front of a flying object;
  • she is able to inspire a certain feeling that doesn't last long - and will use this ability to influence other people's decisions;
  • walls are not an obstacle anymore.

Valerie will have to cope with the rules of this new world, and use her limited possibilities to reenact scenes from her life. Just like a puppeteer, Valerie will have to stage memories from her past and hope that these will help her loved ones. To do that she'll need to search for key objects, keeping in mind that walls aren't a problem but mirrors are.

In her journey, Valerie will have to deal with the human darkest emotions. She'll find an eerie truth about her past and the events that led to her death. Most of all, she'll be challenged with very difficult moral choices and will have to be put in front of her priorities. Eventually, she'll find out dark truth about herself too...


Video game developed for the Videogame Design and Programming course

of the Politecnico di Milano

Prof. Pier Luca Lanzi, Dr. Daniele Loiacono, Dr. Michele Pirovano

Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria

Politecnico di Milano





Eidolon-Win.zip 77 MB
Eidolon-MacOSX.zip 46 MB

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