Please download the game for a better experience!
We know there is an issue with the intro video if you are playing from browser and we are working on it!

Try to save your brother from the dungeon, his soul will help you find the way! Avoid obstacles and solve puzzles, and prove your brave in Soul's Dichotomy!


All the inputs are customizable in game, the default controls are:

Arrow key: move the active character
Space bar: switch between souls and alive brother
Key E: interact with object
Key ESC : pause the game

We will see on the other side, or may not! And feel free to add your personal opinion in comments below! 

Videogame Design and Programming, prof Lanzi, Politecnico di Milano, ay 2021/2022.


Download 99 MB
Download 108 MB

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I've played the game a little and is preatty good, a really chill playing style but also challenging.

The basic mechanic of the game is really cool, i really enjoy the ability to switch between brother, the only thing thant threw me off is that the spacebar change the playable character and not make you jump.

I would suggest you to change the jumping button to the spacebar and the button to change brothers to something else.

I hope that in the future releases you will add some SFX and other consumable items.

It's a solid game, good work guys!

Ty for you feedback! We are going to add a page to customize the inputs, hoping that everybody can play with his/her best configuration and also the music and SFX! Hope to have your feedback in January too! 

I notice you cling to the walls like in games with wall jumps, but you can't actually wall jump. I'd just get rid of the cling. Also, I didn't realize until I finished the game that you could get out of it with down. If you're going to have it, the opposite direction should work too.

Ty for your feedback! We are still working on it, we will take in consideration your advise (we may add a wall jump power up), I hope you will play the updated version in January! :)

Deleted post

Ty for feedback and advises! We are still working on it and we will upload an updated version in a month, more levels and for sure music

nice , plays well and no bugs !

Ty for feedback really appreciated!