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Have you ever been trapped in your dream and felt like you were never going to get out of it? Could you even realize that you are actually in the dream at all? 

In this game, you will set foot on the ancient Babylon empire in 1100 A.C. The adventure starts at a floating garden in the sky, where he can explore around. There are 4 levels of gameplay set in different rooms inside the building and the outdoor garden. In this game, there are different skills required for the player. Such as analyzing different clues from the historical surroundings, having a sharp insight into objects, and having the capacity to make use of the objects. There's also a botanical garden with plants from all over the world to appreciate. 

The game contains 4 levels. Each level contains multiple puzzles. During the exploration, the player will collect various items and unlock a new area. 

So, let the adventure start!



Sadra HeidariMoghadam

Yingtong Li

Giacomo Dell’Agosto

Baichen Li

Natasa Popovic


This is the Beta version of the game and its purpose is to collect feedback and find any problems in the game. So we would really appreciate it if you give us feedback through this page or in the game.


Sleep Invasion Mac 355 MB
Sleep Invasion Windows 344 MB

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