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In Pump Down The Flame your objective is to free as many hostages as possible before the building crumbles to dust.
What are you waiting for? Embrace the pump and start fighting the flames!

To understand the core mechanics of our game we highly recommend you to check the video we posted in the page, the game leaves you the freedom to go through any level you'd like but we advise you to start from the tutorial.

Help us out!

We need your helping hand to improve our game.

After playing a bit it would be grate if you could dedicate a couple of minutes to reviewing your experience through our personal form.

Link here:  Feedback Form

Much appreciated!

Future updates

The beta for our game is not as polished as we would like it to be, in the future we plan a series of updates for our UI, in particular, and for a couple of the mechanics of the game. Thanks for all the feedback received, we managed to improve the game.

Update V1.0.1 : Changelog Beta Version V1.0.1

Update V1.1.0 : Changelog Beta Version V1.1.0

Next Updates: 

  • New Levels 
  • New enemies
  • New weapons
  • New UI
  • And and much more..

Stay tuned !


ActionsMouse + KeyboardGamePad
MoveW A S DLeft Stick
JumpSpaceX / A
ShootLeft Mouse ClickR1 / RB
Right Mouse ClickL1/LB + Right Stick
Pause MenuESCOptions / Start
BackESCO / B


Federico Maglione
  Head of development

Alessandro Biagiotti
  Ui - Ux designer
  VFX artist

Nicolò Fasulo
  AI Developer

Fabio Patella
  Ui - Ux designer


Pump Down The Flame V1.1.0 Beta 97 MB
Pump Down The Flame V1.1.0 Beta MacOS 103 MB

Development log


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Man why you put Beta and Beta Max? Which one is the right one?

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Sorry for the late reply, some people had problems with the full screen version, so we uploaded a maximized version as well. There is no difference between the two

In ten minutes of playing it the character stopped working like 5 times, maybe there are some troubles with the colliders in the corners, I hope this help. Great game anyway!

Hi, I can't run the game, the executable minimizes itself as soon as I try to open it


Hi Juliazanon, thank you for writing to us. When you start the game do you get to the main screen? Or does it close earlier? Also, on what platform are you playing? Can you try running the game in admin mode? Thank if you have any trouble we can check it on discord ! Have a nice day :D


The window really closes right as I try to open it, I can briefly see that the menu is there, but the game doesn't stay open. Also it doesn't actively crash, the window is still there. I am using windows, running as admin didn't change anything.

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Unfortunately I don't know how to solve the problem, also because it seems to be a local problem. I'm also uploading the game in windows maximized mode, hope that fixes the problem.

Update : Done , you can check the page ^^

thank you, it works now