An eccentric, but not too bright scientist is stuck back in time after clumsily breaking his time machine. Now he must collaborate with his younger self and steal time machine parts from his far more succesful mentor. 

Paradox! is a single-screen 2D puzzle platformer that requires planning, logic thinking, and quick reflexes. 

Will the professor be able to go back to his time? Or will he create a paradox and suffer a horrible, horrible fate?


You play every level twice.
First, through the perspective of the young professor, you must collect all the chips scattered through the screen. You'll find deathly lasers and disappearing platforms. However, it seems like someone is giving you a hand, deactivating and activating the various objects... Avoid all the obstacles and reach the lift at the end before the timer runs out!

Then, play as the old professor. You'll see your young self completing the levels with your actions, but this time he needs a hand! Activate or deactivate lasers and platforms and make sure your young self gets to the end in one piece, lest creating a paradox. 

But be wary: if you slip up and touch your young self, this will also create a paradox, breaking the space-time continuum and causing time to reset! Thankfully you have a tricked-out cane stick and sick rollers to gain an edge.


Keyboard and controller support
Tested with Xbox controller, PS4 Dualshock 4, PS5 Dualsense

Just don't touch
any button!

Controller  or 



hold to fly!

Controller  or 
XBOX  or  / PS  or 
Controller Start


Made with ❤️ by Rewind Studios

Marco Buttiglioneprogramming/project leader
Ivan Cruscoprogramming/level design
Raffaele Cicelliniprogramming/level design
Aral Yucelprogramming/level design
Riccardo Rigamondi2D/UI artist

Additional credits

Sounds by Mixkit

This is a beta release. We're currently planning to expand Paradox! into a proper commercial release. You can help us out by sharing your thoughts in the in-game form, in this page's comments, or at this link.


Paradox! for Windows (Release v1.0) 84 MB
Paradox! for MacOS Intel (Release v1.0) 82 MB
Paradox! for MacOS Apple Silicon (Release v1.0) 80 MB
Paradox! for Linux systems (Release v1.0) 85 MB

Install instructions


  • Download the Windows version
  • Unzip the folder
  • Start paradox.exe

Mac OS

  • Download the Mac OS version
  • Unzip the folder (please avoid using Apple's default Archive Utility as it will likely give problems. We recommend using The Unarchiver, but other apps should work too)
  • Start .app file

!! Should Mac OS block the app from running, please open your Mac's settings, go to Security and Privacy, and from the General panel allow the app to run. More info

Development log


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Abbiamo provato questo gioco al GameFest2023, davvero un ottimo lavoro! Continuate così ragazzi :D. È stato bello conoscervi e partecipare all’evento insieme <3 In bocca al lupo per tutto!

Grazie tante ragazzi, vi auguro veramente il meglio! Siete stati i vicini di stand più fighi che potessi avere!


Great Game Idea and great execution. Great Job!



Paradox Walkthrough


Great walkthrough! Hope you come back for more when we'll release the next versions 😃


jump - button arrow up

r - restart

esc - menu


last level was painful enough. GOOD JOB <3

looking forward to the bonus content aaaaaaciucuciucuciu