A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Magnetic love is a 2D puzzle game featuring a pair of magnets in love: Mag and Net.
While their love pushes them together, to solve puzzles they will be forced to separate from each other.

Live their love story and overcome the puzzles of their relationship to make their heart light up. Their path will be made up of happy, sad and angry bits, but more than anything, romantic moments. Immerse yourself in the mood of the laboratory and enjoy this journey!





Daniele Basciotti:  Programmer / Level Designer

Massimo Buono:  Programmer

Nicola Giorgio Iadicicco:  Programmer

Giuliana Muto:  Game Designer / Level Designer

Bo-Cheng You:  Designer / 2D Artist

Bug report

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsPOLIMI Game Collective, Reddmax, Giulychu, bocheng, Farlokko, Sunshino
Tags2D, Cute, LÖVE, Romance, Singleplayer, Unity


[Windows] MagneticLoveBeta.zip 50 MB
[Mac] MagneticLoveBeta.zip 61 MB
[Linux] MagneticLoveBeta.zip 67 MB

Install instructions

1. Download MagneticLove.zip

2. Run MagneticLove.exe

Development log


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Hey! I do love this game! Great work!


Cute, maybe not that fun.
Magnetism physics is really cool but applied to a puzzle/platform i think it loses that wow effect.
Level 7 :
good use of the unplug for the puzzle, one problem here is that the player doesn't know that well a (terrain) magnet works, it isn't even explained in previous levels, if you see with the programmer mind you think of magnetic fields and put that down just how it is, but to a new player the different intensity on the center and edges of the magnet isn't clear, it makes it really counter-intuitive.
Controls: a bit confusing, in the first levels when the two characters are set apart is fine, when you constantly invert them it begins to be frustrating to remember who is who, a little promp or "virtual controller" would be useful, probalby is a game more suitable to a local coop.
The "Quit" button in the in-game menù is redundant, main menù is enough.
Character Controller: you can't do the long jump (with both characters) while moving you must use it directly, is not clear how much the character can really jump.
Platform: tight spaces, characters can easily fall-off, at the same time not used for puzzle purposes.
Level 12 : funny.
Level 13 : it can be useful to alarm that the two blocks are being set and the objective is free.
Level 15 : the lateral contact in game isn't so fun and intuitive maybe in a irl prototype works better.
Level 22 : if blue falls in the moat you have to reset, if the red falls in the moat you have to reset and do the entire level all over again.
Level Structure: not so scalable, it just becomes a flipper as it grows.
Music and UI are really well done, excellent main menù.
Little note: the game is unplayable in 21:9 monitors, Unity readapts automatically to it 😅.
I don't know development time/resources, i mean, there are worse games made by professionals, pretty sure you put real effort into it, the magnetic part surely gave you an hard row to hoe.

Hi, thank you for taking the time to play the game and give us this in-depth feedback, it's really appreciated! 

We'll work to make the game more intuitive and, as you suggested, to explain better some things that a new player may find ambiguous or hard to get.

Regarding controls you are right, when they are inverted it can get a bit confusing or even frustrating; we still have to find a more solid solution for it. 

As for the level design in general there are some issues to tackle, we had to put our best in a short time (the game has been developed in about 3 months and not on full time) and it has a lot of room for improvements. Can you expand a bit more your suggestions on level 13 and 15 please? I'm not sure to get exactly what you mean. The level 22 has to be reworked a bit since it can be mechanically frustrating, you're right.

We also have to add some kind of video settings and compatibility for other resolutions, thanks for pointing that out. 

Again, thank you for all the feedbacks and the compliments!

Have a good day :)

Honestly i thought my feedback was a bit harsh when i wrote it, glad that you received it positively.
Uhm ok 13 and 15, these two are really subjective, there aren't real flaws or errors in the levels, just from my point of view could be perfectionated.
Level 13: when you complete the puzzle and the left "heart charging pad" is finally available, the level is actually completed, might  be useful to comunicate to the player that he actually completed it, so that he can directly go to the objective without losing time thinking if something other has to be done. From a design perspective can also be a good thing to reward the player completing the level with some interaction, dunno like one or both magnet characters start giggling if they have the pad available or the puzzle is solved.
Level 15: ok this one is really subjective, on the first platform you have to hook one magnet with the other. Being that the character controller isn't so precise (it is difficult to determine the jump height "by eye", you have to actually smash that button), so i view the "lateral hook"  as a bit too stretchy for the controls this game has, it really has a low impact on the level, it's a little super duper tiny details matter of fact.

I see, thanks for the more detailed explanation!