A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Laser Golf! is a game where the player must use their laser gun to try to put the golf ball in the hole.
Obstacles, platforms, powerups and your own jetpack will make the game more fun and challenging to play.

Laser Golf! can be played alone or with 5 other friends!


WASD / Arrow keys: Move
Spacebar: Use jetpack
Mouse: Look around
Left click: Shoot
Right click: Attract shot
Scroll wheel
: Regulate shot power
C: Activate/Deactivate auto-aim
Left Ctrl / Alt gr: Crouch / Stand up
Shift: Run
F, G: Select 1° / 2° powerup
Esc/P: Pause/Unpause
R: Respawn ball
T: Teleport player to checkpoint

Note: Gamepads are not supported.

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LaserGolf!.pdf 39 kB
LaserGolfLinux.tar.gz 215 MB
LaserGolfMacOs.zip 208 MB
LaserGolfWindows.zip 215 MB

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