A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Being victim of a ship crash, you awaken on an island... when suddenly lightning strikes! It creates a small fire, which is your only hope of survival. Gather resources, build a boat, and don't let the fire die out!

Controls: see [escape] menu

We are the Erasmus team, so please give feedback in English, thanks!

[Note: on some PC's, the grass texture is purple - we have no idea why, as in 90% of cases it works fine. If you have this issue, please try to play the game on another PC if you can]


linux.zip 131 MB
mac.app.zip 129 MB
windows.zip 129 MB


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Nice job! The game has surely improved. Now it became more challenging and meaningful!

Hi guys, i'll leave the feedback here since i cant find the feedback form. Very nice and big improvement from the prototype. The only "complain" that I have is the fact that the grass texture was purple :/ 

I played the beta version and in my opinion it's a super improvement of the prototype! The background music is really nice and the new UI is intuitive: I finally truly got how the game works and managed to escape from the island! I played a couple of times because a f*cking tiger killed me the first time (my boat was almost done 😭), so I think I spent an hour in total on the game and never got bored. Well done guys!


Whoa, we are super happy to hear that! Thanks a lot for the kind words, we are glad you enjoyed :)

Hellooo :)

This prototype was good! The concept is interesting and the basic gameplay is engaging!

However, some things needs to be improved in order to make things more clear to the player. Sounds, UI and a little tutorial will be a incredible upgrades for your game!

Keep on the good work! :)

Thanks a lot for the response! We're happy to hear the basic gameplay has a good foundation. We will do our best to improve it as best we can :)


Nice job with this prototype guys! I like the concept and I think you're doing fine with the realization as well. However,  I managed to craft all the objects but I didn't find how to use them and I didn't get what to do with the fire and how to keep it lit. A menu and a suggestive background music would also be nice add-ons in my opinion. 😊