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Hindering is a 3D side scrolling puzzle videogame with time manipulation mechanics developed for the Video game Design and Programming course at the Politecnico di Milano. 


You will play as a child waking up in a mysterious testing facility, who will discover her powers by solving the tests that have been prepared for her. You might feel like you are being watched while playing: many scientists are observing your every move. 

In order to succeed you must arrive to the end of each level: when you do so, an orange door will light up. Once you reach the exit, a new test room will wait for you, until you will eventually discover what’s going on in the lab.

You will find out that you can stop time at your will. When you use that power, you will be able to beat object, and they will respond to your input and they will move accordingly when you’ll make the time flow again. Beware though: your power comes at a price! When the time flows again, you will be frozen instead and unable to move, until you use your power again. In a nutshell, when time moves you don’t, when you move time doesn’t.

You will find different objects inside the test rooms, so you will need to think thoroughly in order to complete the levels.

The highest amount of force won’t necessarily be rewarded: aiming your hits will often be the key to solve the puzzles. But often timing is key: stop time when the moment is right to use platforms or to climb on boxes and you will unravel the mystery.


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Hindering-Linux.zip 105 MB
Hindering-Windows.zip 97 MB

Install instructions

Download it, unzip it, and run it.

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