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Harmony in Darkness is an adventure game with an experimental gameplay that take place in a pitch-dark world where sound is your main method of orientation. Finding new harmonious friends will help you to explore the world. A brighter world.


In Harmony in Darkness you are inside a world where there is apparently no more light. The darkness is all that you can see. But the world is not empty. Everything can make some noise and your sense of direction is based mainly by the sounds that you can hear. In Harmony in Darkness you can experience a living world even if you can’t see much of it. During your journey you will meet new friends that can bring back some light in the world by emitting some tuneful sounds.

The game is played in first person and has a cartoonish graphic style with simple 3D models. The game uses a limited set of colors and shades. Besides the full darkness of some portions of the gameplay, the environment is colored with some shades of dark gray. The parts of the environment that lights up based on some events is characterized by very bright colors that make much contrast with the dark world.

Use your headphones

During the game you have to use audio to understand the environment around you and where you have to go. Headphones are important to localize sounds.


ActionMouse + keyboardGamepad
WalkWASDLeft stick
LookMouseRight stick

Notes about the beta

The game is currently a beta. Its purpose is to collect feedback of the overall experience. Since the game uses an experimental type of gameplay, please let us know what you think through the in-game form, by filling this form or by writing a comment on this page. The downloadable executable is available for Windows and MacOS. If you need a build for another platform, contact us.


Harmony in Darkness v0.3.0 for Windows 379 MB
Harmony in Darkness v0.3.0 for MacOS 386 MB
Harmony in Darkness v0.3.0 for Linux 384 MB


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The dialogue box dissapeared before the sentence was finished

It seems a bug. Thank you for reporting