A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

A music creation game, involving planets, stars, and satellites. In Gravitone you can play music in the form of a solar system. From the rhythm composition, to the chords order, ending with the melody.

On the various levels you will practice you ear and learn how to play a rhythm just after you heard it. And then you will learn the difference between the various chords, and how to arrange a melody. All of this will be taught in an intuitive and challenging way.

If you don't feel like playing other people's music, you can just select the Free Play mode. In this mode you won't have any path to follow, no boundaries, just you and your own music.

As time passes by you will start to listen to music in a different way, feeling harmonies instead of just listening to them. Music will start unveiling some of its secrets to you.

All the game sounds are unique and produced by our synthesizers. All the instruments are generated in real time as you play, so no samples are used in our game.


Gravitone-Win.zip 75 MB
Gravitone-OSX.zip 44 MB
Gravitone-Linux.zip 46 MB
Gravitone-Android.zip 49 MB

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