"It's a bit janky, but it's fun and has great speedrun potential."
-my mom, after I told her to say this

Hey! You can now see the leaderboard at the bottom of the page, or follow this link to share the standalone website!

Freshaliens is a 1.5-players 2d platformer. That means that the game is conceptually thought to be played by one person controlling both characters simultaneously, but two-player-one-keyboard cooperation is also encouraged to play the game under a different light!

You can see a changelog of what we've made better since the prototype scrolling to the bottom of the page.


Pause: ESC 

Main Character (Yellow Alien): 

Move: A/D

Jump: W

Shoot: Q

Side Character (Green Alien/UFO):

Move: IJKL or Directional Arrows

Interaction: Spacebar

Jumping again while touching the UFO will grant a double jump :D

Team Composition

Antony P. (itch, github)

Claudio C. (itch, github)

Francesco C. (itch, github)

Francesco L. (itch, github)

Pietro M. (itch, github)


In a remote galaxy of the universe there is an alien race of conquerors which use to conquer as many planets as they can.

When children turn 10 they are sent in couple to conquer their first planets.

Will be our two little aliens able to conquest all their assigned planets


Initial concept: Antony

Gameplay programming: the whole team

UI Programming: Claudio, Pietro

Editor Tooling: Pietro

Level Design: Antony, Francesco C., Francesco L.

Animations: Claudio

Visuals and Sounds: Pietro,,,


V1.0.0 Changelog

Changes since the prototype:

  • A ton of backend stuff that just made the game easier to work on
  • Fixed the gameplay loop to properly communicate and differentiate taking damage, respawning and losing
  • Enemy balancing
  • New (and better) levels!
  • In-game leaderboard
  • Added more sounds and music
  • Added more animations and made the existing ones better
  • Improved the controls
  • A brand new leaderboard for the existing levels
  • Better dialogue delivery and interaction
  • Better UI
  • In-game tutorial
The leaderboard in-game currently only shows the first three levels. This will be fixed :)


Freshaliens Release - Windows 38 MB
Freshaliens Release - macOS 36 MB


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please let me jump with space!


We're working on a new input configuration. We'll take this into consideration, thank you ;

In the beginning, the UFO tells me that it will throw me if I jump on it, I tried and nothing happened. You probably want to fix this before everyone plays, or if I'm doing something wrong, it should be explained better

You have to press jump again when next to the ufo! I'll make sure to update the tutorial, thank you for noticing that :)