A downloadable Feed Me, Quack! for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are a duck, and you are hungry. Fortunately, some silly humans around you are willing to throw some bread to see you eat it. 

The only problem is that you are not alone: there are other ducks ready to get that food and eat what's yours.

Swim through different lakes in this non-violent roguelite, where your objective is to eat enough bread at each stage, using the leftover bread to buy power-ups to be more effective.


Xbox Controller:

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Beta now available!

Release Date Latest Version: 13/02/2023 14:18

Latest Version: 1.0.7

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorPOLIMI Game Collective
Tags2D, feed, me, quack, Roguelike, Roguelite, Singleplayer


FeedMeQuack_macOS_Beta.zip 101 MB
FeedMeQuack_Linux_Beta.zip 91 MB

Install instructions


  • Download FeedMeQuack_Windows_Beta.zip
  • Unzip the compressed folder
  • Double click on FeedMeQuack.exe


  • Download FeedMeQuack_macOS_Beta.zip
  • Unzip the compressed folder
  • Double click on FeedMeQuack_Beta.app


  • Download FeedMeQuack_Linux_Beta.zip
  • Unzip the compressed folder
  • Double click on FeedMeQuack.x86_64
  • Tested on Ubuntu 18.04 / 20.04


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Insane. A great great improvement. I wanted to play it for 10min i spended on it 1 full hour.

Thank you so much for your feedback!