A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Join Euclid in an adventure that will bend your mind and will take you through the wonders of Non-Euclidean geometry and the fourth dimension. 

After eating a weird burrito and having a terrible nightmare, Euclid finds himself in a strange building, welcomed by a ball that sounds like a man straight out of academia! 

In this puzzle - platforming game, you will solve challenges and face platforming sessions in order to reach the center of a singularity. You will be accompanied by Otto, your mentor, that has taken you from your dimension in order to help him defeat Moebius.

In Euclid’s Nightmare, heavily inspired by titles such as Portal, Superliminal and Manifold Garden, you will be able to go through Non-Euclidean Tunnels, cross Portals and traverse space in weird and unexpected ways. Bit by bit, the story behind the game will unfold after each solved puzzle and we hope that had the end of the game you will have become a 4th dimensional master!

You'd help us a lot if you leave a feedback in the box at the end of the demo!

DISCLAIMER : We unfortunately had no way to test Linux and macOS versions, but we're open to helping you have a good time! If you have any issues just contact us by email at heliumgmng@gmail.com


ESC : Menu / Hint

WASD : Movement

LEFT CLICK : Pick Up Objects



F : Use Forced Perspective on Glowing Objects

H: Receive an extra hint


[OLD] Euclid's Nightmare - Linux Version 46 MB
[OLD] Euclid's Nightmare - MacOS Version 43 MB
[OLD] Euclid's Nightmare - Windows Version 40 MB
EuclidsNightmare - Windows Version 80 MB
EuclidsNightmare - MacOS Version.zip 81 MB
EuclidsNightmare - Linux Version 89 MB

Install instructions

Just download, unzip and you will easily find the game executable, after that just launch the EuclidsNightmare file with the Unity Logo by its side.


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Hi guys! I tried the beta version and I think it is a big improvement of the (already good) prototype, so congrats! 😊 I didn't have time yet to play all the levels, but I found a couple of bugs you may want to fix. You can check them in my gameplay video at 06:40 and 13:30. Sorry for the low quality of the gameplay but my laptop is super bad and it was lagging as fuck 😅