A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Escape From Knossos: Together! is a two player rougelike,  where you have to cooperate with the other player to solve various enigmas in order to both escape from the prison of Knossos. 

Six months have passed since you and your partner in crime have started elaborating the plans to escape from Knossos, the most secure and impervious prison in the galaxy. Today is finally the day of your great escape, but incredibly you messed up!
You have switched the escape plans with your associate, now the only way to safely leave Knossos is to trust each other and communicate through the walkie talkies in order to save your lives. A timer is set on both of your collar, don't make it expires...


- If the guards are chasing you, use the manholes to hide from them.

- Keep always an eye on the timer, if it expires, it's Game Over.

- The puzzle are selected randomly, you can't play all of them in a single playthrough. Replay the game and try to solve them all.

New features:

- 3 completely new enigmas.

- A new incredible ending, after you beat the final room.

- Added the remain assets.

- Added the sound effects.

- Added the soundtrack.

- Simplified some enigmas.

- Added the mechanic to "Play Again".

- Added a mechanic that allow the player to hide while they are chased by the guards.

- Resolved some "minor" bugs.


EscapefromKnossos,together!.pdf 157 kB
EFKLinux.zip 107 MB
EFKWindows.zip 105 MB
EFKMac.app.zip 106 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. Run EFK.exe

    For linux execute:
    chmod a+x BuildLinux.x86_64

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