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Kukiro is a young ninja promise. He is trained by the famous sensei Makai, with the aim of not only mastering the art of the sword, but also to master the great power ruling the whole world: the “Elements”. No one has ever been able to master them all, in fact, their power used together, is able to bend something even far beyond Makai’s abilities: the “Soul”. Sadly, not everyone in the society sees the elements as a means to protect or to build. The “Kusho” organization seeks their power to rule over the whole world. Thinking that Makai holds the answers to their quests, they end up killing him. Kukiro is now alone, just a young boy left in the middle of his training and without someone to guide him away from a path clear in his mind: vengeance.


  • Movement: WASD
  • Kunai Shoot: Left Click
  • Melee: E or Middle click 
  • Jump: SPACE
  • Select element: Right Click, scroll wheel or 1,2,3,4
  • Interact/enter door: F
  • Menu: Esc

Team Members:

  • Filippo Guadagnini
  • Iacopo Regoli
  • Simone Abate
  • Vanessa Tamma
  • Huo YiYing

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Thank you for playing! :)


EOS_Mac.zip 37 MB
EOS_Windows.zip 28 MB


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Is it a bug that there is no music in the Mac version? 

No, there is no music as of now, but thank you for reporting it :D