A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Well, it seems that you have nothing around you. Are you brave enough to take a step?

You are in a maze, suspended in the void. The only problem? You can't see it until you walk on it. Your goal is to exit from there, but enemies will make your life more difficult.

What is this game about?

Suspended on a floating tile, void all around. What should you do? Step outside!

A maze is hidden in front of you and you can reveal tiles by stepping on them. On the opposite side there's the goal area that you need to reach. The game is split into two phases: exploration and survival. In the former, you will be searching for the goal area, evading and shooting down enemies that will try to kill you. Your projectiles will also spot walls and dead ends. You can slow down time too, for more precise shots! 
Once you get to the goal area, there's no going back: all enemies will come at you in hordes! You have to survive until the timer expires!

Levels gradually increase in difficulty: the maze gets larger and larger, time flows faster and more enemies spawn. There's no end: levels are procedurally generated so there's an infinite number of them!


BlindMaze_Windows.zip 74 MB
BlindMaze_macOS-Intel.zip 71 MB
BlindMaze_macOS-AppleSilicon.zip 69 MB

Install instructions


Unzip the folder and run Windows/Blind Maze.exe


Unzip the folder and run BlindMaze

To run from Catalina and following versions, right click->open

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