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Be-Headed is a 2D scrolling Puzzle/Platform game for PC where you are the skeleton of a thief, beheaded years ago. Years after his death, Jack the thief, magically awakens in his now skeletal body. 

Help Jack uncover the mystery of his rebirth and why he has returned to the world of the living.

After being beheaded and awakened in his skeletal body, Jack discovers that beheading was not a completely bad thing, now he can detach his head from his neck and throw it, roll it and use it to solve puzzles that are placed around levels.


Movement: W A D
Aim: Hold Left Button of the mouse
Throw: Relase Left Button of the mouse
Recall the head: Right Button of the mouse
Switch power ups: 1 2 3 4 5



Vincenzo Curreri: Programmer / Level Designer

Alfredo Russo: Programmer

Andrea Montereale: Programmer / Level Design QA

Federico Ciliberto: Programmer

Kaer Xiong: Designer / 2D Artist

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorPOLIMI Game Collective
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Tags2D, be-headed, Side Scroller, Singleplayer


Be-Headed Windows.zip 143 MB
Be-Headed MacOS.zip 154 MB
Be-Headed Linux.zip 142 MB

Install instructions


  1. Download: Be-Headed Windows.zip
  2. Unzip the folder
  3. Run Be-Headed.exe


  1. Download: Be-Headed MacOS.zip
  2. Unzip the folder
  3. Run Be-Headed.app

If some Mac users have problems with permissions to run the game, this video might help:


  1. Download: Be-Headed Linux.zip
  2. Unzip the folder
  3. Run Be-Headed.x86_x64

P.S. We had to remove the web version due to some issues related to cutscenes and compatibility with some browser versions.

Development log


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For anyone stuck in a level or just curious about how the game progresses, we have created a gameplay video that shows the whole game:

This game is really amazing!

Excellent work! But I cannot type the letters (mac version).

Thank you! We have tried the game in every OS for which we have published it and we have not encountered this problem, we will try to verify more thoroughly, in the meantime try restarting the game and retry. Thanks for the feedback!

The game is really fun and well done, looking forward to try the alpha version


I loved the mechanics and the puzzles <3

Maybe it would be better to recall the head with left click, I find that more natural and intuitive than changing button for throwing and recalling

I would increase the size of the direction arrow is pretty small and I did not see it immediately :) 


The mechanism where you have to type letters (without making an error) or else restart the entire level seems...both cruel and unnecessary.  (It's not even thematic.  It's just an annoying obstacle.)

Thank you so much for playing the game and for your feedback!  

The death minigame is an alternative to the classic puzzle/platformer "life points" mechanic, thematically it is justified with the fact that Jack cannot die, being already a skeleton, however if he takes significant damage from disassembling his bones, must find the determination and concentration to get back on track, and we think that this condition can be represented with the minigame that we have inserted.  

We were already thinking about a system to allow players to make mistakes when typing letters, so thanks for your feedback!

I actually liked the idea :)