A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Explore this mind-breaking, alternative puzzle game in which you will discover that dimensions matter only if you cannot think of adding another one. 


MoveWASDLeft stick
JumpSpace barButton south 
Rotate camera in 3D
Arrows or mouseRight stick
Change dimensionCButton north
RunLeft shiftR2
CtrlButton left 
Pause the gameEscStart/Options


Rules are easy: try to reach the portal to finish the level. Will you manage to do it? Let your brain work and be careful: the perspective can change everything in this world!

If you're a pro, try also to collect the pill in each level :) 


DDandel is a young boy who lives a happy, normal two-dimensional life. But his existence suddenly changed when he discovered that the border of his universe, the End of the WorlDD, is actually a secret passage for an unbelievable 3D world. Will you help him reaching the other dimension? Or will you prefer staying in a world where you physically cannot be fat?

Install and run

  • Windows
    1. Click on download button
    2. Unzip AnotherD.zip
    3. Run AnotherD.exe

  • MacOS
    1. Click on download button
    2. Extract AnotherD.tar
    3. Run AnotherD
    4. If the game does not open, go to settings, Security and Privacy and from General allow the game to run.

  • Linux
    1. Click on download button
    2. Unzip AnotherD.zip
    3. Run AnotherD


  • Valerio De Luca: Developer 
  • Alessandro La Conca: Developer  
  • Gaia Mazzola: 3D Artist
  • Antonio Pettorruso: Developer
  • Mattia Siriani: Developer


AnotherD - Windows.zip 250 MB
AnotherD - Mac.tar 349 MB
AnotherD - Linux.zip 259 MB


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