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Osiris, god of nature and pastoralism is happily married to the beauty Isis, god of life. Every day they help humanity living in health and prosperity. Seth, Osiris's brother, is really jealous of their joy. His evil desire is to tear apart Osiris and spread all over the earth his pieces (as it happens in the ancient Egyptian Myth). He plans first to divide them.

Here is your mission: break the myth!

In this 2d platformer you play as two gods, Osiris and Isis, they cannot meet, but they can help each other… use your metamorphosis power, your agility and your puzzle solving abilities to find your way out and defeat the evil Seth!


Aegyptia_v1.0.1_GGJRel_2016_WIN64.zip 76 MB
Aegyptia_v1.0.1_GGJRel_2016_OSX64.app.zip 78 MB
Aegyptia_v1.0.1_GGJRel_2016_LINUX_i686.zip 88 MB


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I played this over the weekend and thought it was great! My only suggestions are that some of the platforming is a bit tedious and it could really use a save feature. 

I've played this game three weeks ago and I liked it very much. It has a good gameplay bases and a particular graphic design that matches perfectly with the atmospher. I hope to see this game in the future, in a definitive version released on Steam or consoles. Congrats team, you are doing a great job.