A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Z-aXYs is an Arcade Shoot 'em up/Tube Shooter/Bullet Hell with 80s look and music.

Dive in a new 3D adventure riding colorful spaceships and flashing scenery, through the winding wire-frame tube challenging the enemies coming from the Z-dimension. The Power Ups will bring you additional fire power (double fire, and triple fire), more shooting rateo, cooling down of the heat bar and you have to avoid threatening mines that can explode right on your path.

Choose among four characters, and relative spaceships, with different features and one particular special shot for everyone:

  • Colonel O'Neil is a veteran soldier from Earth who wants to keep the peace between the orbiting cities and the Terrestrial Government;
  • Simon is a young and dumb yuppie who wants to buy the orbiting colonies to turn their inhabitants into slaves for his filthy business;
  • Nyx is a rebel girl from one of the space cities who wants to gain the freedom for the people living in space around the Earth;
  • Ziggy is the humanoid-alien from the deep space that one day appears and claim the revenge for the people from the ancient lost experimental expedition of hundreds years ago.

Choose among three different game mode:

  • Campaign mode will guide you through the entire plot in four different ways, depending from which character you take in the beginning;
  • Survival mode is an endless run in the tube to test your ability and put your three-letters name in the Leaderboard when you die;
  • Dual Player mode is a challenge between two players in the endless tube, where to win you'll have to survive more than your opponent, avoiding mines and shooting to all the enemies coming in your way.

Z-aXYs can be played a modern joypad (or the keyboard, if you prefer it), but it can be also enjoyed with a true old-school arcade joystick, pizza and cola!


Z-aXYs-Win.zip 52 MB
Z-aXYs-OSX.zip 54 MB

Install instructions

Just download, unzip, and play! Enjoy!