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#Vote4Me is a single player 2D Social Network/Political simulator, Managerial game developed for mobile platforms running Android and iOS. 

The player will impersonate a candidate for the presidential elections. The main goal of the player is to gather as many votes as possible to win the poll, being careful to not spend the entire budget and making the right choices to improve the winning chances.
Each game is divided into weeks and for each one of them the player has to express his opinion on different themes. For submitting his decision, the player has to interact with posts on the homepage of the app and the electorate will vote according to the public preference. Beyond this, the player has to interact with events, that will give in return some perks.
The game will last until the elections are over, when the player runs out of money or when big scandal hits the player.

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AuthorPOLIMI Game Collective


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Download it, unzip it, and run it.