A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

You are participating at the Galactic Championship: travel all around the universe and challenge other players in different games! Go as far as you can and save as many lives as possible. Jump in London, reverse gravity rules on the International Space Station, Avoid asteroids on Moon and reverse your brain in Reverse mode!


- 4 different modes:

Normal: jump over boxes and avoid the angry pigeons in London!

Gravity: switch gravity on the International Space Station, be careful of dangerous oxygen tanks!

Jetpack: use your jetpack to avoid asteroids on Moon surface!

Reverse: commands and direction of run are reversed, your mind will be blown!

- Procedural level generator: all levels are procedurally generated, you will never play the same level twice!

- 5 difficulties for each mode: noob, easy, normal, hard and extreme!

- Multiplayer (you need an active connection): challenge your friends or a random opponent in 3 rounds of increasing difficulty! Who makes the best total score wins!

- Global highscores (you need an active connection): who is the best player in the universe? Your score depends on level length, remaining lives and difficulty. If you complete a level at noob difficulty you'll always get zero points (na na na naaa!)

"TheWideogame: A galactic adventure" is a one button running game developed for the 2014/2015 Video game Design and Programming course at the Politecnico di Milano (more information at http://www.polimigamecollective.org ).


- Sofia Arcuri (artist)

- Andrea Biondani (programmer)

- Ivan Jassir (programmer)

- Cecilia Nuñez (designer)

- Davide Pedone (designer)

- Andrea Sgarro (programmer and concept creator)

Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewideogame

Special thanks to our supporters/testers:

Alida Carrà, Davide Piva, Luca Ruggieri, Stefano di Nunno, Alessandro Slamitz, Alessandro Colombo.


TheWideoGame-Win.zip 16 MB
TheWideoGame-Linux.zip 19 MB
theWideoGame.apk 52 MB
TheWideoGame-Mac.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

Just download, unzip, and play! Enjoy!