A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

The Last Drop is a 2D side view puzzle-platformer game, set in sci-fi atmosphere. The player controls the Blob – fluid alien from planet Blobvlob. This creation is going to revenge for his planet, destroyed by the Federation. The goal is to absorb enemies on the space station and grow bigger, increasing character's abilities. Player will help the Blob to open doors, activate consoles, pass through and destroy different traps. Our hero can stick to surfaces and throw tentacle to drag himself around. With the size of Blob, stretching abilities are also increasing. It will make easier for player to pass traps and navigate levels, but the Blob will move slower.


-Physically driven, realistic blob simulation

-A space station to explore

-Change gravity to pass levels

-Feel yourself as a hunter, quietly attacking enemies

-Use physical objects to destroy lasers

-Use teleports to move to another location

-Use consoles to open doors


LastBlob_Windows.zip 28 MB
last_blob_linux.zip 29 MB
TheLastBlob.apk 37 MB

Install instructions


Gamepad is required to play PC version. Use left analog stick to move, right one to stretch and B button (XBOX controller) to activate consoles.