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The forest needs to grow and your goal is to feed it through all kinds of living beings. The gameplay is based on the attraction mechanism: plants attract animals, and animals attract bad humans. Build your forest one wave at time and face in coming enemies during the night! How long can you resist?

The Hungry Forest is a 2D strategic game in which the player has to build a forest feeding it with the remains of dead animals and human beings. By creating an hospitable environment and controlling the growth of the forest, you will promote the thriving of animal species, but be careful not to let things get unbalanced or bad humans will destroy everything!

The game is based on a top-down perspective, allowing the player to handle the forest efficiently from above. During the day, he can choose where to plant trees and other elements of the environment to give life to the forest. It’s not possible to control the animals individually, once they have been attracted, they will move randomly in a default space interacting with the environment. So the player doesn’t have to worry about every single living being, he just have to distribute them strategically. The growing process is gradual; as the forest gets bigger and more hospitable, different animals will come due to the attraction mechanism. The evil humans are the enemies: they come during the night to damage the forest and clash with the animals. As the forest follow the typical mechanisms of the natural world, whatever is the result of the clash, it will absorb the residual energy of all corpses. Just as it happens in nature, each organism is destined to degrade and return, in one way or another, to the environment that generated it.


TheHungryForest-Windows.zip 66 MB
TheHungryForest-MacOSX.zip 70 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip, run, and enjoy!