A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Can you save the Tomato? Join the challenge and start to play! Save Tomato is an amazing arcade game in which you are a Tomato in free fall from the kitchen shelf. You will came across different obstacles like knives, mixers, vegetable cutters, slicers and other kitchenware. Your goal will be to help the tomato to find a way to survive through its dangerous fall avoiding to be diced, sliced, stubbed and crushed. Remember to pick OGM-Bonus to gain special power and overcome most difficult areas. Challenge yourself and find out how long you can keep alive the Tomato. Push your skills to the limit in this fun adventure and run tomato away from its horrible end. 

Swipe the tomato in the mobile version,  use left/right arrow in the desktop one.

Don't esitate, contact us if you have problem or suggestions


In this forms you can put your suggestions anonymously 


We have collected all of yours feedbacks from the forms and from the videos and we have released a new improved version of the videogame based on these.

First of all we have have activated the shopping functionality, now you can bu special items and have more fun in the game.
Then we have fixed the bug of the closed path generated by the obstacles. Knife handle doesn’t kill you.
We have add more obstacles and we have increased the level of difficulty. Finally we have used more cool graphics for a better experience! 
PS the shelf is not an obstacles. You can use it to gain a more deep view.

For the explosion you can click the button or if you use PC press S


SaveTomato.pdf 218 kB
SaveTomatoAndroidN.apk 41 MB
SaveTomatoMac-2.zip 42 MB
SaveTomatoWindows-2.zip 46 MB
SaveTomatoAndroidFinalVersion.apk 36 MB
SaveTomatoMacFinalVersion.app.zip 39 MB
SaveTomatoWindowsFinalVersion.zip 43 MB