A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

How good are you at strategy? Origami Wars is the RTS made to test your skill and strategic thinking. Put your brain in full-throttle mode and challenge other players both local and online. Have you ever thought about how painful paper can be? Imagine to have a full army of origami paper soldiers at your hand and another facing you, what would you do to defeat the enemy and win the war? Annihilation. Deception. Hit and run. Air/ground supremacy. HTV precision elimination. The way you fight is your choice, you just have to do one thing: WIN. Win the battle, win another, and another. Adapt your strategy, change your plans in real time: be quick, be effective, be a commander. Take the lead of one of three armies: Humans, Nature forces, or Fantasy creatures. Use special units skills, army special abilities and take all the battleground advantages you can find, to show your opponents who you are.


Can you be a real pain or are you just another paper tiger?

Show us, show them, show it to yourself.

In Origami Wars. 


OrigamiWars-Mac.zip 63 MB
OrigamiWars-Windows.zip 51 MB