A downloadable game for Android

Market(K)ing is a game in which you want everyone to enter your Tower, but people are not interested. That’s why it is about marketing.

Get hired by the Demonix Inc. and work with them to lure Goblins inside “The Tower”™. Deploy your employees on the city and use your magic marketing powers to charm Goblins or get fired by The Tower itself (it is possessed, you know, common Demonix practice). Face different levels in different locations, choosing your own deck of Assets, Spells and Abilities. Encounter different types of Goblin, from Kids to BusinessMen, each one living is own life, going to school, to work, to the cinema… Be careful when you see red dressed goblins, they are the hardest to charm! (Apart from Johnny Goblin ;))

P.S. What’s going on inside the tower?

Video game developed for the Videogame Design and Programming course, Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria, Politecnico di Milano



MarketKing-Android.zip 53 MB