A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game is a 2D  2v2 team game with magnets! Try to use magnets to attract ball as well as other players. Borders and obstacles have magnets too! Score goals to win the game.

Play with a joypad, if you own one. It really changes the experience and makes the controls a lot easier.

This game has different modes, but you will have a better experience playing online with at least 2 people(4 max.), but you can try whatever you want.

Game main features:

  1.  Play in 3 different fields and learn how to exploit magnets
  2. Long tutorial: goes in-depth with all aspects of the game
  3. PowerUps can be picked up  and used during a game
  4.  AI for bots and goalkeepers
  5.  Rebinding of the controls
  6.  Both multiplayer and singleplayer modes available


Magnetic-Fieldball-WIN.zip 35 MB
Magnetic-Fieldball-MAC.zip 37 MB
Magnetic-Fieldball-LINUX.zip 38 MB

Install instructions

If you are a Linux user, mark the file as executable before opening it (command "chmod +x nameofexecutable" in terminal)
If you are Mac user, and your file is not working, try this command on terminal:
"chmod a+x mac_build.app/Contents/MacOS/*"