A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

What if Fantasia, the kingdom of fantasy, was suddenly conquered by the sad and grey reality? What if only a hero could save all the fantasies? What if that hero is a fantasy who saved himself hiding in a public WC?

Well, i don't know. All of this, in the end, is… Just A Fantasy!

Use completely insane weapons, as the Caloric Bomb (to destroy your enemy with explosive sweetness) or the CatThrower (a rainbow-vomiting cat…a really common pet in Fantasia, you know?). If all is lost, pray the great ChatMorris to help you!

Travel through fantastic and dangerous places, like FoodLand, DrawWorld and the epic MetalLand!

Defeat powerful bosses in order to free that region of Fantasia and unlock all the others!

And if this is becoming too insane, remember..it's Just A Fantasy!

If you want to contact the team, send an email to: reallyfake17@gmail.com

Disclaimer: this game can cause madness, stupidity and a lot of swearing and f-words. Please think of your PC before destroying it. No rainbow-vomiting cat has been hurt during the development of this game.


JustAFantasy-Win.zip 76 MB
JustAFantasy-Mac.zip 78 MB
JustAFantasy-Linux.zip 79 MB

Install instructions

Just download, unzip, and play! Enjoy!