A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

G4m3r'5 L1f3 is a funny game where you play as a normal Gamer that just wants to play and score the highest record possible. But as in everyday life everyone is against you, they have no respect for your sacred duty and will disturb you as if you were doing nothing…

"NOTHING? DO YOU KNOW HOW IT'S DIFFICULT TO WIN THIS GAME??? I play only hardcore games and my favourites are The Improbable Game and Embodiment of Scarlet Laser" - John the G4m3r

The Improbable Game is a scrolling platform game where you need to jump to avoid obstacles but don't let the cute graphic fool you. The procedural generated levels will always be different and the difficulty will become harder and harder the more you play.

Embodiment of scarlet laser is a space shooter where you need to survive killing your enemies while avoiding their shots. Fast reflexes and hard concentration will be required to annihilate your foes and free the Galaxy!

"Do you think i'm a noob? I could beat this games with my eyes closed… if nobody disturbs me!" - John the G4m3r

But you won't be so lucky, the hardest challenge will be to manage those who wants to stop you from scoring the highest record IRL! Your little brother wants to play soccer ("Physical activity? No thanks"), your mother needs to clean the living room ("NOW MOM? Really??"), the pizza girl has arrived and someone needs to pay her ("And why should that be ME???"), a Ninja appeared from the roof and stole a book ("WTF???").

"I CAN'T PAUSE AN ONLINE GAME!" - John the G4m3r everytime to everyone

As all gamers know you can't pause your online competitive games so you will need to handle all this disturbances while playing! But don't let them distract you, every life (in game of course) is precious in order to achieve the record!

Play the game of your choice with the keyboard while handling all kind of disturbances with the Mouse, your multitasking skills will be tested in order to become rank 1 in the ladder!


G4m3r5L1f3-Windows.zip 133 MB
G4m3r5L1f3-MacOSX.zip 140 MB
G4m3r5L1f3-Linux.zip 138 MB