A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

An extremely dynamic 2D multiplayer game where players are cats that try to make each other fall through different actions.

Every player is a unique cat and starts on a random balcony with 9 lives. You, as a player, need to make other players fall by shooting furballs, pushing or jumping on top of them. Initially, you have lots of fur to shoot, but then you become lighter as you make fur balls and throw them, meaning that you can jump and move faster but you’re easily pushed.

The game is fast and dynamic, you need to constantly jump and move to avoid being hit, and pay attention to the position of other players. There are different strategies, each one with pros and cons,  will you shoot a lot to become lighter and faster or will you prefer being heavy, slow but resistant?



-2 new maps

-5 new breed of cats

- New power up: golden milk bowl


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Rules.pdf 1 MB
Furbrawl_Linux 54 MB
Furbrawl _Windows 57 MB

Install instructions

The game is multiplayer, so try to play it with your team or friends! 

(The server can host a maximum of 20 people)