A downloadable game for Windows

Tristram is facing his biggest enemy: himself. Playing as his inner-self, help him defeat his inner enemies, disguised as shadows, as you run and jump around levels set in his everyday life locations.

As Tristram's inner shadow, beware of the light! When a beam of natural light touches you, you'll do what every real shadow does: you'll end up projected on a wall!

But fear not: while you are in this bi-dimensional situation, you can jump over the shadows other objects project! Sometimes it is the only way you can actually jump to out-of-reach places!

Make your way through the various levels and relive the moments that sent Tristram in his pit of despair, and fight all of his fears and negative thoughts!

From the darkness, destroy the darkness itself and return Tristram to the light!


ExUmbra-Windows.zip 208 MB