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Cooperate with your friends and fight all together against the opposite team to conquer the Russel's Teapot reign!

Long ago, in a world where two Gods were fighting for the supremacy of Russel's Teapot reign, inhabitants had split according to their belief. Some of them believed in the Invisible Pink Unicorn and some others in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Those two mighty Gods have thus granted their followers the powers of the four elements of nature in order to conquer the Russel's Teapot reign. Each clan will use fire, earth, air and water to gain the control of some special artifacts which will increase the power of their God, allowing the divinity to dominate his opponent and become the Supreme one.

Search for the artifacts hidden in the most remote parts of the reign using your character using the nature elements. Choose and switch among different elements to build your own strategy up. Opponents will hinder the hunt though, urging you to use the chosen powers to defeat them. Moreover, the invoked elements from opposite divinity may as well interfere with your research by fighting or anticipating you on the artifacts research. In order to assure the victory of your God, you will have to either conquer as many artifacts as you can or kill elements of enemy village using strengths and weakness of every character.

Cooperate with your friends to control more elements at the same time and conquer the supremacy, challenging other teams. The game combine 2D and 3D, 2D objects create a 3D view.

• Cooperative mode against other teams;

• Exploit strengths and weakness of elements;

• Switch your character during the same match;

• Build different gaming strategies.

The game works only in LAN under the same Wi-Fi network, up to now. If you have not a Wi-Fi network available, you can easily setup ones using tethering mode. Support us if you want Element Supremacy to be a completely online game.

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AuthorPOLIMI Game Collective
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ElementsSupremacy.apk 45 MB

Install instructions

Just download, unzip, and play with four friends! Enjoy!