A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Echoes of Syn is a first-person mystery game for PC in which you play a detective with the remarkable capability of accessing the last sensations and perceptions of any person who recently passed away.

Investigate the location of the crime, collect clues by using your paranormal gift and use your intuition to assemble the pieces of the puzzle and unveil the identity of the assassin.
But beware, clues alone are not enough to pinpoint the culprit, your detective skills will be put to the test in order to unfold the mystery and get the right person locked behind bars!

* Move - WASD
* Interact - Left Mouse Click
* Select Dialogue Option - E or Left Mouse Click
* Toggle Special View - F
* Open Notebook - Q
* Options - Esc

The Special View is triggered when you interact for the first time with the victim's body.
In this view some items will be highlighted with bright colors, reflecting the victim's feelings towards them. Interacting with them will give you some insight into their relevance to the victim.
While in the view you cannot interact with anything but the highlighted items.


EchoesOfSynLinux.zip 604 MB
EchoesOfSynMac.zip 591 MB
EchoesOfSynWindows.zip 579 MB