A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

When a well renown and powerful hero, who's tired of his daily dungeon-clearing, evil-smiting routine finds a forbidden tome full of monsters sealed by the gods themselves, it's only a matter of time before chaos ensues!

You'll play the role of The Hero, who've seen almost everything in his career, and your main goal as the player is to clear the dungeon without boring him.

You will be fighting huge monsters and deadly bosses - well, deadly for everyone else, not for our hero, of course - while you fight The Hero's boredom: if he's tired enough by those enemies, the hero will self-impose challenges to increase difficulty, and to find again the long lost fighting spirit.

Defeating his challenges will trigger his interest for sure, but not for too long: the real deal is to handle his tedium while you defeat the boss!

If you are unable to entertain The Hero by controlling him, when his Boredom Bar hits the completion, he will himself take control of the fight, and one-hit-kill the enemy: the dungeon would then be cleared, but you would have lost the game.

  • The real enemy is The Hero! - Fight The Hero's boredom by completing his challenges. Don't let The Hero reach 100% boredom, or you will lose!
  • Over 30 unique challenges! Who knows what boredom could suggest The Hero?
  • No more boring dungeons! Immediately jump to the final boss fight.. because boss fights should be the fun part, right?
  • 100% Sarcastic Hero! The Hero will have something to say about almost everything that happens in-game.


DungeonsAreBoring-Windows.zip 101 MB
DungeonsAreBoring-Linux.zip 117 MB