A downloadable game for Android

You have just passed a legendary night at the pub with your friends, now it’s time to come back home but.. Oh no! You’re too drunk to drive! It’s time to WALK! 

In this game your main objective is to walk the more far you can without falling and trying to avoid obstacles long the street. When you fall or when you hit an obstacle the game is over and a score will be assignend in base of the meters you have done form the pub

Here's our game! Download and install it on your mobile phone! 


Drunk Walking.pdf 394 kB
Drunk_Walk.apk 52 MB

Install instructions

1) Download the .apk file then copy it into your mobile device. 

2) Open the file from your mobile device then follow the instructions to install it in your device.

NB. On your device the permissions must be enabled to install applications from third parties