Don't Let Luke Fall, place platforms in the right position and help him escape his nighmare.

Look Up, on the top of the screen you can see the action that Luke is performing, and the next 2 actions that will be done by Luke.

Place Plarforms, based on the knowledge of the future behaviour of Luke, place platforms to avoid obstacles, overcome gaps and create new path through the level.

Special Platforms, red platforms are special, they make Luke jump whenever he touches it. Place them with extra care, they are precious.

Reach the End, follow the light to reach the end of the level.

Good Luck and Have Fun, play the game and give us feedback at this link:

Polimi / Unimi contributors (alphabetical order):

Carlo Ambrogi: Game Developer

Luca Finoia: Game Developer

Andrea Passini: Game Designer, Team Leader

Andrea Taroni: Game Developer

External contributors: 

Matteo & Yilin ( Sound Designers

Irene Corioni: 2D Artist

Luca Staffoni: 2D Artist


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Don' 93 MB
DontLetLukeFall_Android_1.0.1.apk 88 MB