A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

In D U S K, a 2D puzzle-platformer for PC, you are The Defection, a malfunctioning robot trying to escape a mysterious industrial facility. The Slaves are on the hunt and you can’t hurt them, but with a D U S K Gun you can create darkness to hide and release its energy to control those who will try to stop you. Will you overcome all the obstacles and finally see the Outside? Or you will succumb inside the perilous chambers of The Facility?


  • The D U S K Gun is a weapon never seen before: the multiple usage of the same tools increases the number of choices you have!
  • The enemies carry D U S K Guns too: have your Defection kill all the Slaves indirectly, or inadvertently kill yourself in the process!
  • The Defection is helpless against his enemies: you have to think smartly rather than trying to brute-force your way out!
  • Inspired by the past glories of cinematic platforms, like Abe’s Oddysee, Abe’s Exxodus and Flashback upon them all, D U S K will suck you inside a mysterious world full of perils and traps!
  • http://www.polimigamecollective.org

D U S K is a game developed for the Video game Design and Programming course at the Politecnico di Milano. More information at:

NOTE: a PS4 Controller is required to play the game.


DUSK-Windows.zip 107 MB
DUSK-Linux.zip 113 MB