A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The daily routine of a commuter student can be most of the time described as an epic journey. Nothing would be the same, if the train were predictable. Our hero is a commuter student who lives far away from the big city of Milan; his aim is to graduate before the deadline of the three years. To do this, he/she will have to go through a though, frustrating, unpredicatble daily journey to get to the university, exploiting every mean possible (and when we say ìeveryî, we mean ALL that comes through the developerís mind, from bikes and trains to spaceships and dragons). Once arrived at destination it's implicit that he/she will take exams, earn CFUs.

During the rush a time bar will be shown, measuring the time taken to finish. Each level should be completed in a given time. Exceeding the time the player will face a decreasing of the rewards. Through the levels, players will deal with three different types of rewards.

You earn them at the end of each level. The less time it took you to finish the level, the more credits you get.

Represents stamina. Once you run out of coffee, you die (exhausted).

What next?
Stay tuned and donít miss the train!


CommutersAdventure-Windows.zip 56 MB
CommutersAdventure-MacOSX.zip 58 MB
CommutersAdventure-Linux.zip 57 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip, run, and enjoy!