A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Buddakin, the fatty sun-glassed superpowered leader of the last religion in a world dominated by Sciemfology, needs the help of his two best guardians to escape from the secret cell, inside Sciemfology building, where he's locked. The ruthless boss of Sciemfology, Tim Cruiz, wants Sciemfology to be the only one religion in the world, and imprisoned Buddakin also because he's envious of his cool superpowers. With two epic and desperate missions these guardians can liberate Buddakin, that will have the last chance to defeat the angry, narcisist and ruthless Tim Cruiz. You are our last hope, will you save the humanity?

In the first two levels, you impersonate the two guardians of Buddakin, scarred and mutants due to the war. Each one of them enters the Sciemfology palace following a different approach, but the task is the same: they must find the two locks that keep Buddakin imprisoned. Zozzy, the first guardian, follows a Destructive approach: he can use the bazooka or he can hit enemies in the face. The second guardian, FoxyNinja, follows a Stealth approach: he can kill enemies softly, using his dagger, or he can use the Invisibility to pass unobserved.

Then, when Buddakin will be finally free, there will be the Final Battle: you will have to impersonate Buddakin and take the big responsibility to fight against the angry Tim Cruiz, trying to save the humanity.

Buddakin is a 2d-platform game developed for the Videogame Design and Programming course at the Politecnico di Milano. More information at:




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