A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Blind puts the player in the shoes of a vision impaired person that has to move around an urban environment to collect light emitters that are hidden in each one of the three demo levels. But be aware of the surrounding dangers, the cars moving, the work in progress, etc.

Blind is a action/role-playing game developed as a student project within the Video game Design and Programming course at the Politecnico di Milano. More information at:



Blind_MacOSX.zip 92 MB
Blind_Windows32.zip 79 MB
Blind_Windows64.zip 80 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and play. Enjoy it!


S.O.S. Where am I? What do I have to do?

The main menu of Blind is a part of the game, it is like a landing. You will probabily discover here that if you collide with an object you will see its shape. Follow the lights at the horizon and begin your adventure!

What is the purpose of the game?

While you move in the dark (or almost) you have to find some objects that emit light and sound. They are positioned in the 3 environments available in the demo version. Spheres in the middle of the streets, cones in the apartment and cubes in the subway. Look out! When you take these items they will no longer emit neither light nor sound.

How can I know how many items do I have to find?


Directonal keys or ASDW for moving and the mouse to orientate your head. You can use also a XBOX controller. Use the arrows to move and the analogic to orientate your head.Press Q while you're in the game and you will see how many items you have to find for each environment.

How do I restart/exit the game?

Press Q while you're in the game and then press E to restart or R to exit!