A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

The four basic elements are living in peace. Since the Ancient Pact, everyone protected their precious elemental gem.

Until that day, one warrior decided to steal them all.

Do you have the will to do it? Can you become an Elemental Master? Destiny is up to you!

Following the path of carnage, but who will you incarnate? • Flamy, the Burning Heart, Slasher of Souls?
• Rocky, the Mighty Fortress, Unbreakable Lance?
• Droppy, the Blue Mage, Summoner of Waves?.

• Windy, the Roaring Storm, Archer of Thunders?

Whomever you may be, you'll gain access to the Elemental Realm, a giant maze that spaces over all the four elemental dominions. You, as a warrior convinced to rule over them all, will have to start invading your own home... your own element. From betraying comrades, to slaying your most fearsome enemies: your path is a gruesome one. Fight your way through the hordes until the gem Guardian: you'll need its power to open the way to the next realm. You're not allowed to falter.

But don't be afraid: you have much power within yourself. Just make sure to equip yourself to the best! You'll find many magical items along your journey.

Remember, it can only end in two ways: victory, or defeat. Which one will occur first?

Join the adventure in this Rogue-like, Strategy, RPG game!

  • Play all day: all maps, enemies and items are different each time you play!
  • Exploration levels at its maximum: each maze is VAST, and you can explore it all. Who knows what you will find in those magical chests...
  • Warrior progression: the stronger, the better! There's always something good to find.
  • Personalization: Obtain 75+ different items to equip! Try different load-outs, they might produce unexpected results! Here are a few tips to help you become an Elemental Master:
  • Exploit each element strength and weakness!
  • Try not to leave too much loot behind!
  • Exploration is a risk, but also an opportunity ;)
  • Study your items carefully, breed various play styles, and see which one fit you the best!


4ETD-Windows64.zip 32 MB
4ETD-Windows32.zip 30 MB
4ETD-Linux.zip 34 MB